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Create a Buzz with OurRoofing Franchise Opportunities

Ready to get to work and be as busy as a bee? Check out Bumble Roofing’s franchise opportunity and learn how to start your own roofing company with us!

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What Makes Our Roofing Franchise Opportunity Buzzworthy

Bumble Roofing isn’t your typical roofing company; we were founded on the concept of doing things differently – and better – to create an affordable and quality roofing experience for our customers. We’re offering a roofing franchise opportunity that’s generating quite a bit of buzz and for a good reason!

Bumble is dedicated to bringing a key element missing in the industry: transparency. We believe that providing great service shouldn’t come at a cost or with high-pressure salespeople; just a fair price and commitment to quality work.
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Given the perpetual popularity of home improvements and the recent real estate boom, it’s no surprise the roofing contractor industry is one of the largest sectors in the construction industry and is one of the largest markets in the overall economy. The roofing contractor industry was valued at $58.7B in 2022, with 1.3% annual growth on average between 2017 and 2022, reflecting a faster increase than the overall construction industry.

With per capita disposable income also expected to increase, there’s an incredible amount of potential opportunity within the roof replacement and repair industry for newcomers to start and grow their businesses. Our franchise offering is your opportunity to become your own boss, follow your passion, and build a thriving business, all while breaking into the booming roofing contractor industry with the backing of an experienced franchisor. 
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Benefits of Joining Our Professional Roofing Franchise

When you join Bumble Roofing as part of our roofing franchise opportunity, you’ll gain a myriad of industry-leading benefits you can use to your advantage. We’re there for you every step of the way, making it easy for you to learn how to start your own roofing company while providing dedicated ongoing support any time you need it.

The benefits of joining our franchise network include:
A proven
business model.

An appealing franchise opportunity comes with a proven track record and an effective business model, something not every franchisor provides. We’ve designed our business model to give clear direction while putting you on the path to success.

purchasing power.

We work with a number of customers, giving our company mass purchasing power when it comes to supplies and materials. This turns into cost savings for both our franchisees and our customers.

Proprietary tools  and resources.

We’re invested in our franchisees, so we’ll teach you how to use our exclusive tools and equipment and provide operations manuals, proprietary software, and other resources so you can create quotes for customers in no time at all.

An innovative sales process.

We’ve eliminated the need for salespeople, so we’ll show you our best sales techniques and simple approach to the purchasing process to help you gain more customers and expand your customer base.


No prior experience is necessary with our franchise opportunity because we provide extensive field and business training on how to open a roofing company – we’ll help you become an expert in all areas of your business.

Dedicated ongoing support.

Have a question? Need assistance? No problem. Our dedicated franchisee support team is available to offer help whenever you need it. Plus, you’ll have a regional supervisor and a network of fellow franchisees to connect with as additional support avenues.

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revenue streams.

As part of our proven business model, we’ve included multiple revenue streams for our franchisees to utilize for a quicker return on their investment. You’ll enjoy recurring revenue thanks to maintenance services; additional repair, gutter, and solar installation services; and insurance or storm remediation services.

Our Investment Doesn’t Sting!

Are You the Bee’s Knees?

Ready to become a part of Bumble Roofing with our franchise opportunity? There’s never been a better time to provide affordable, quality roofing installation and repair services, and we’re seeking franchise candidates nationwide!

You could be an ideal candidate for our franchise opportunity if:

You’re driven
You’re driven.

You’re ready to become your own boss and take control of your career. Let us help you achieve the American dream of business ownership.

You can follow a system
You can follow a system.

We’re not looking for entrepreneurs who want to change the system.

Our proven business model works best with the processes and procedures we’ve developed to help you see a return on investment.

You’re hardworking
You’re hardworking.

If you’re prepared to put in the hard work, we want to hear from you! Franchisee candidates should be hands-on and involved in the business.

You can bee yourself
You can bee yourself.

We’re all about being approachable, inclusive, friendly, and trustworthy to provide the best service possible.

Steps to Get Started with Our Roofing Franchise Opportunity

The steps for how to open a roofing company with Bumble Roofing are simple! Here’s how to get started with our franchise program:
Reach out!
Fill out the form or give us a call: we’d love to hear from you, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with additional resources to learn more about our franchise business opportunity.
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Fill out an application.
Once we learn more about you, your background, and your financial qualifications, we’ll see if our goals align and send you an application to complete.
Perform due diligence.
We encourage prospective roofing franchisees to perform due diligence. This means checking out other franchise opportunities, reviewing our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), evaluating available territories, and learning more about our opportunity from current franchise owners.
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Attend Discovery Day/Confirmation Day.
Once your franchise application is approved, we’ll invite you to attend a virtual or in-person Discovery Day. You’ll have the opportunity to meet the Bumble leadership team and gain a better sense of our company culture.
Review franchise agreement.
Before you sign your franchise agreement, you’ll have the opportunity to review it and your designated territory. If you have questions or require clarification on its contents, we suggest meeting with a legal representative.
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Start initial training.
Once your franchise agreement is signed, you’re ready to start training! Our franchise team will provide you with in-depth initial field and business training so you have a clear understanding of how the business operates and what your day-to-day will look like.
Launch your grand opening & beyond.
We’ll ramp up your business with our grand opening marketing campaigns, combining local and online efforts to reach as many customers in your area as possible. We’ll supply you with customizable marketing materials that you can employ to drum up interest, in addition to a local website and search engine optimization. After your grand opening, you can count on us at every stage of your journey to provide ongoing support and guidance.


Want to see how you can create a buzz in your community with Bumble Roofing? Reach out today to learn more about our roofing franchise opportunity!

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