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Why Veterans Are Successful Franchise Owners

Why Veterans Are the Best Choice for Roofing Franchise Ownership

Business ownership through franchising offers a perfect hybrid between working for a company and starting your own business. When looking at prospective franchisees, some of the best choices for roofing franchise candidates are veterans. Veterans possess many unique skills and strengths that make them especially equipped to own a franchise.

Franchising can be a lucrative investment for any type of entrepreneur, as everything is already in place. By utilizing trademarks, names, and proven systems, franchisees benefit from immediate brand recognition, as loyal clients know and trust the brand, while new potential clients easily see the appeal. 

A franchise investment provides new business owners with all the tools, resources, and systems they need to run their businesses successfully. You’ll have support every step of the way with manuals, guidelines, and personal advice to keep your business open and growing.

Franchising is an especially great opportunity for veterans to apply the experience gained during their military service to a proven structure and build a business without having to start from scratch. In 2018, veteran-owned businesses reached $1.3T in total sales, with veterans owning nearly two million businesses and employing more than five million Americans. 

The number of veteran-owned businesses doubled in 2021, with this sector making up 10.7% of new business owners. Veterans are 45% more likely to start their own businesses than the general population, with veteran-owned businesses expecting continued growth.

Why a Military Background Best Suits Our Roof Franchise Opportunities

It’s no surprise that veterans excel as business owners; the unique skills they bring to entrepreneurship are an especially great fit for roof franchise opportunities.

A military background provides veteran franchise owners with the leadership skills they need to run their businesses. Veteran franchisees understand the chain-of-command experience, can make decisions under pressure, are disciplined, have a strong work ethic, adhere to systems, and are committed to excellence.

In terms of teamwork and collaboration, the military instills a great sense of camaraderie in veterans. Veteran business owners are adept at building cohesive teams and fostering positive work environments thanks to their leadership roles and effective communication.

Veterans adapt to change as their military training has taught them to be responsive to new environments and thrive in dynamic situations. This makes it possible for veterans to successfully navigate the business landscape, as they can effectively respond to market changes and pivot strategies.

As they progress through training, veterans acquire skills in diverse areas and maintain a continuous learning mindset, allowing them to take that knowledge and quickly adapt to new environments – another important reason why veterans are well-suited to utilizing their existing skills in a franchise system for business success.

Other great skills that veterans possess are perseverance and problem-solving. Veterans overcome many challenges in the military by facing adversity and obstacles head-on. They develop resilience in high-stress situations, which can translate into business skills that help them navigate challenges while using critical thinking skills to excel in day-to-day operations. 

The military also encourages community engagement. Veterans build bonds during their service as a result of their networking with others and developing support systems. By engaging with the local community and establishing a positive franchise reputation, veteran business owners can leverage their military connections in business to build a local presence.

Here are five reasons why veterans have what it takes to be their own boss:

1. You’re already trained for it.

One in seven franchises is owned by a military veteran. This isn’t by coincidence, as franchise operating manuals are similar to operating manuals for military weapons, tanks, aircraft, ships, submarines, and drones. Your understanding of systems and processes is a valuable skill for succeeding in running a business. 

2. You don’t need business or roofing industry experience.

Veterans are quick learners; if you’ve never owned a business, your franchising team will provide comprehensive training to ensure your business is successful. You can count on support in all aspects of the business, including initial steps, vendor relations, operations, marketing, and more, as well as our growing network of fellow franchise owners. 

3. You can take advantage of many financial benefits.

As a way to thank veterans for their service, many franchises offer discounts to make franchising more affordable. We’re proud to offer a 15% discount off the first initial franchise fee for veteran candidates. Plus, many veterans have access to financial assistance from VA disability payments and military retirement pensions. These sources of income can provide greater financial stability while starting your business, giving you more financing options and the ability to focus on running your business without worrying about working capital.

4. You can harness your leadership abilities.

Veterans learn valuable leadership skills during their time in the service. This is a significant advantage for opening a franchise, as being a business owner is all about being a good leader. Veterans have the skills to lead their employees and build a thriving business. 

5. You’re committed and driven.

Joining the military takes intense commitment and discipline, skills that can directly translate to owning your own business. Veterans possess the drive to give their all to the task at hand, making them well-suited business owners who stay cool under pressure and can overcome the challenges running a business entails.

Start Your Roofing Franchise Business Today

If you’re a veteran ready to become first in command, consider investing in a franchise business with Bumble Roofing. Your skills and experience make you well-matched for franchise ownership, giving you a headstart over starting from scratch. We see the value veterans bring to the franchise industry and encourage more veteran candidates to explore entrepreneurship through franchising with us.

Contact us today to learn more about owning a roofing company with Bumble Roofing and why veterans are a great fit for our franchise opportunity.

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