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The Steps to Converting an Existing Business into a Roofing Franchise

Converting an Existing Roofing Business into a Bumble Roofing Franchise

Do you already own a roofing business? Are you looking to grow and diversify your current operations? If so, Bumble Roofing offers an exciting opportunity for business owners to convert to our roofing franchise and take their businesses to the next level.

Converting your existing business provides you with many advantages. With Bumble, you’ll join an established brand with a stellar reputation, that’s recognized for quality, affordability, and service. You’ll save time and resources because you won’t need to work to gain new customers or expand your client demographic.

You’ll save on costs, considering we’ve cut out the need for salespeople and can offer the lowest prices possible due to our purchasing power. You’ll also get more productivity from our fixed costs because we’ve accounted for virtually every expense you can expect while leveraging buying power with our preferred suppliers.

You’ll also benefit from our growing national franchise network and unrivaled support. We’re invested in our franchisees, so we provide resources spanning every aspect of your business. You can count on us for support in all areas, including sales, finance, and accounting; operational practices; marketing strategies and collateral; technology and equipment; business account management; and more.

With our proven business model and multiple revenue streams. You’ll win more bids as a one-stop shop for all your customers’ roofing needs. We also help franchisees provide maintenance, repairs, gutter installation, solar panel installation, and insurance or storm remediation services, so you can cross-market your services and have recurring revenue year-round. Plus, with our advanced technology, you’ll spend less time getting precise measurements for estimates, and you can streamline operations in order to generate more leads. Our technology is a disruptive key differentiator in the current roofing market.

Instead of owning a roofing company by yourself, go bee-yond expectations with a franchise opportunity from Bumble.

Owning a Roofing Company: Steps to Convert your Roofing Business to a Roofing Franchise

Bumble Roofing has developed a comprehensive process to ensure you have all the information you need to convert your business into a roofing franchise. As you familiarize yourself with our brand and procedures, you’re welcome to go through these steps at a comfortable pace.

We’re with you every step of the way, from our very first call to scaling operations when you’re ready to take on multiple locations. The Bumble discovery and qualification process typically takes 30 to 45 days to complete, after which you’ll be prepared to embark on your journey.

Here are the steps to success in becoming a roofing franchise owner with Bumble:

1. Step One: Attend an Initial Qualification Interview

During this first call, we’ll give you an overview of our business model and outline the Bumble discovery and qualification process. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about our company.

2. Step Two: Complete a Franchise Application

If our goals align and it seems like a good fit, we’ll send you a Bumble franchise application to complete. 

3. Step Three: Learn More About Our Roofing Franchise Opportunity

We’ll supply you with a variety of Bumble resources so you can learn more about opportunity in the market, future-proofing the business, our proven lead generation system, training and support, technology assets, and our construction and design system.

4. Step Four: Review Our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

You’ll have the opportunity to review the Bumble FDD in detail.

5. Step Five: Review Territories and Demographics

We’ll present you with available territories and demographics to review before deciding on your business location.

6. Step Six: Validate Our Opportunity

You’ll have the chance to meet and interview current franchise owners to learn more about their experience and validate our opportunity and business model.

7. Step Seven: Meet Our Leadership Team

You’ll also be able to interview our leadership team and gain a better sense of our company culture as well as learn more about our backing by Empower Brands as a reputable multi-brand franchisor.

8. Step Eight: Evaluate Your Business Plan

We’ll set you up with a member of our professional roofing advisors team to evaluate your business plan for success and ensure you’re on the right track.

9. Step Nine: Attend Empower Day 

You’ll be invited to attend Empower Day at our headquarters to meet the full Bumble support team.

10. Step Ten: Keep an Eye Out

We’ll notify you within 24 hours of Empower Day if you will be awarded a Bumble franchise.

11. Step Eleven: Sign and Get Started!

All that’s left to do is complete your Bumble Roofing franchise agreement and sign up for your initial franchisee training.

There’s never been a better time to convert your existing business into a roofing franchise with Bumble Roofing – we’re ready to help you take your entrepreneurial dreams to the next level and make them a reality.

Contact us today to learn more about owning a roofing company with Bumble Roofing and what goes into our franchise opportunity.

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