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The Perks of Owning a Bumble Roofing Franchise

The Many Perks of Owning a Bumble Roofing Franchise 

Bumble Roofing was founded on the concept of doing things differently – and better – to create an affordable and quality roofing experience for our clients. Our standout roofing franchise opportunity is generating quite a bit of buzz, and for good reason.

What sets Bumble Roofing apart is our dedication to transparency. We believe that great service shouldn't come at a high cost or with high-pressure salespeople. Instead, we offer a fair price and a commitment to quality work.

The roofing contractor industry is thriving, especially with the perpetual popularity of home improvements and the recent real estate boom. Roofing is one of the largest sectors in the construction industry and contributes significantly to the overall economy. In fact, the roofing contractor industry was valued at $58.7B in 2022, with an average annual growth rate of 1.3% between 2017 and 2022, reflecting a faster increase than the overall construction industry.

With per capita disposable income also expected to increase, there's tremendous potential in the roof replacement and repair industry for newcomers to start and grow their businesses. Our franchise offering provides the chance to become your own boss, pursue your passion, and build a thriving business. With the support of an experienced franchisor, you can break into the booming roofing contractor industry with confidence.

Why Franchise Versus Starting from Scratch

When deciding whether you should invest in a franchise or start a business from scratch, you’ll have to consider a few factors. 

Purchasing a franchise grants you the license to use the franchisor’s name, trademarks, systems, support, and operations as your own. One of the greatest advantages of franchising is that you’re buying a trusted business with established brand awareness and recognition, so you can leverage its renowned reputation to gain loyal clients and attract more new ones.

Franchising offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to go into business for themselves, but not by themselves. You’ll have a proven business model, processes, systems, and operating protocols as a roadmap to follow. You’ll also gain access to manuals, guidelines, and personal advice to keep your business running and growing. Franchisors are invested in their franchisees, providing you with the tools and resources you need to run your business successfully.

On the other side of the coin is starting a business from scratch. When you go this route, you are solely responsible for everything. This can be intimidating for new entrepreneurs and business owners and affect their bottom line as it’s a longer process to set up a business on your own.

You’ll have to figure out all the nuances of starting and running the business on your own, relative to: financing, marketing, sales, technology, expansion, and more. You’ll be in charge of recognizing your target demographic, improving your operations and systems, developing new marketing and advertising strategies, researching the current market trends, creating plans for running your business, and more. You’ll also be responsible for building your brand’s popularity and reach to gain loyal clients from start to finish.

Benefits of Joining Our Professional Roofing Franchise

At Bumble Roofing, we make it easy for you to learn how to start your own roofing business. When you join our franchise opportunity, we’re there for you every step of the way, providing dedicated support any time you need it.

With our franchise opportunity, you’ll gain a variety of industry-leading benefits you can use to your advantage as you start and run your business, including:

A proven business model

We’ve designed our franchise business model to give you clear directions for effective operations while putting you on the path to success.

Strong purchasing power

You’ll appreciate the cost savings provided by our mass purchasing power when it comes to supplies and materials. 

Proprietary tools and resources

We’re invested in you, so we’ll set you up with operations manuals, proprietary software, and other resources. You’ll gain a good understanding of how to use our exclusive tools and equipment in no time at all.

An innovative sales process

We’ll teach you our best sales techniques and simple approach to the purchasing process so you can gain more clients and expand your client base.

In-depth franchisee training

We provide extensive field and business training to help you become an expert in all areas of your business – no prior roofing or construction industry experience is required.

Dedicated ongoing support

You can count on our dedicated franchisee support whenever you have a question or need assistance. In addition to our team, you’ll have a regional supervisor and franchisee network available as other support avenues. 

Multiple revenue streams

You’ll have multiple revenue streams built into our business model that you can utilize for a quicker return on your investment. Services like maintenance, repairs, gutter and solar installation, and insurance or storm remediation can all provide recurring revenue. 

We’re Invested in Franchise Success

If you’re ready to invest in your future and become your own boss, partnering with Bumble Roofing can help you realize your business goals with a clear path to franchise success. We’ll set you up with the best resources and tools in the industry, along with our beneficial brand reputation as a quality roofing company, so your business can become your area’s top roofing company. 

We’re a great fit for all types of candidates; if you’re interested in starting your own roofing business, we welcome you to apply. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about starting a roofing business with our in-depth training, ongoing support, and industry-leading tools and resources. 

If you’re:

  • A current roofing business owner looking to convert?
  • A military veteran who’s ready to become first in command?
  • A corporate renegade leaving the 9-to-5 grind?
  • Ready to become your own boss?

Bumble Roofing’s all-in-one, low-cost, turnkey investment package might be the right fit for you.

Contact us today to learn more about owning a roofing company with Bumble Roofing and what goes into our franchise opportunity.

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