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How Veterans Can Benefit from Owning a Roofing Franchise

How Veterans Can Benefit from Owning a Roofing Business Opportunity

As the home improvement industry continues to skyrocket, the demand for skilled roofers grows, and that includes veterans who are particularly well-suited to take advantage of a roofing business opportunity. The US roofing market reached a value of $23.35B in 2023 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 6.6% to reach $41.5B by 2032. New construction techniques, expanding commercial construction projects, and increased investments in infrastructure development are driving the increasing demand. 

With market demands rising, so is the need for roofing service franchises. Veterans can utilize the values, mission, culture, and mindset they were trained in during their military service to find success as business owners when they invest in a franchise system. Nearly 200,000 military members transition to civilian life each year and need employment, and with their skills and experience, veterans are the perfect fit for the role. 

The transition from military to civilian life encompasses a multifaceted journey marked by various challenges and opportunities. One of the prominent hurdles veterans face is the quest for meaningful employment, and franchising can do just that by offering veterans a chance to leverage their skills and pursue economic empowerment. 

Military service instills in veterans diverse skill sets that can readily transfer to entrepreneurial pursuits. The discipline, leadership, and problem-solving abilities honed in the military can serve as a solid foundation for veterans seeking to embark on a business venture to call their own. Recognizing and capitalizing on these transferable skills can empower veterans to not only find success in the civilian workforce but also thrive as entrepreneurs.

Franchise ownership can provide veterans with a variety of benefits similar to those imparted during their time in service, like structure, systems, and support, as well as camaraderie, something they can now enjoy from a network of like-minded entrepreneurs. A supportive community is significant throughout the transition from military service into civilian life, and the mentorship programs and support networks franchising provides can facilitate a successful journey.

Veterans Are a Good Fit for the Jobsite

The roofing industry is a natural fit for the hands-on skills and professional experience many veterans possess. As a veteran, your military training, leadership abilities, and management skills are a valuable advantage when it comes to opening a roofing franchise. 

As franchise owners, veterans can leverage many invaluable skills they’ve acquired from active duty, which can translate across all aspects of their Bumble Roofing roof franchise investment, including:

1. Effective team management

A large part of being a business owner is being a good leader. Your leadership skills, your focus on teamwork, and your ability to lead and follow from your time in the service will come in handy and prove to be very valuable as you build a successful business. 

2. Ability to quickly grasp new concepts

Your intense training program as part of the military has prepared you to learn new information quickly so you can pivot and ensure your business succeeds. 

3. Decision-making skills under pressure

Roofing requires problem-solving and on-site decision-making skills, making veterans some of the most well-suited business owners to deal with challenges while staying cool under pressure. 

4. Commitment and responsibility

Joining the military takes commitment, as does owning your own business. Your self-driven nature and commitment to success mean you give your all to the task at hand and make for an effective business owner.

5. Attention to detail and discipline

Your organization, self-discipline, and understanding of technology help ensure high-quality handiwork and client satisfaction. 

6. Adherence to industry standards and safety regulations

A deep understanding of rules and systems is a large part of military life. Following systems and appreciating how they work can help your franchise flourish while ensuring your team is following OSHA rules and other safety standards. 

A Rewarding and Fulfilling Post-Military Career

If you’re looking for a rewarding and fulfilling post-military career, a franchise opportunity with Bumble Roofing could be a great option to explore. Investing in a franchise offers many advantages to veteran owners, like a built-in support system, proven business model, and brand recognition, to name a few. With your skills and experience, there’s no doubt you’d be a great fit for our roofing franchise opportunity. 

As our way to thank you for your service, Bumble Roofing offers a 15% discount off the first initial franchise fee for veterans, making our roofing company start-up costs more affordable as you get started. Through our in-depth training, ongoing support, and industry-leading tools and resources, our low-cost turnkey investment package is your opportunity to become first in command. 

Contact us today to learn more about owning a roofing company with Bumble Roofing and what goes into our franchise opportunity.

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