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How Much Money Do you Need To Start A Roofing Business?

If you're interested in starting a roofing business, did you know the costs to franchise are much less than you probably think? Franchising, as a rule, offers many benefits for entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses: the insider knowledge you can gain, a proven business model that acts as a roadmap to success, and ongoing support whenever you need assistance are just a few of the advantages. 

It’s true: when you factor in all of the benefits, your franchise investment ultimately pays dividends when it comes to saving you time and money. You’ll have the expertise to avoid many of the pitfalls that can plague new business owners, as well as a clear path to follow and nearly all of your expenses accounted for so you can avoid unexpected costs. 

Investing in a home improvement franchise allows you to tap into several booming industries. For one, the US roofing contractors industry was valued at $56.2B in 2023. As economic uncertainties ease and consumer spending increases, this segment is projected to advance by 0.8% to $387.5B, and growth is expected to continue, averaging 3.5% over the next four years. Having the backing and support of an experienced franchisor can help you harness the potential these industries present and differentiate your business as a top-choice roofing company.

At Bumble Roofing, our franchise investment doesn’t sting. We’ve kept our investment costs low while affording you the best resources and tools in the industry, along with our beneficial brand awareness and stellar reputation as a quality roofing company. We’ll help you become your area’s best-choice roofing franchise while you break into several booming industries with our unwavering support every step of the way. 

Designed to Help You See Returns

Now’s the time to begin your journey into business ownership with a low-cost investment in Bumble Roofing. Our franchise opportunity features low start-up costs and overhead, in turn offering high profit and return on investment (ROI) potential for franchisees, so it won’t take long to earn back what you put in.

Interested prospective franchise owners should have a net worth of $250K, with $50K in liquid capital on hand. In terms of costs, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to spend and where it goes:

  • $49,500 – initial franchise fee
  • $12K – $80K – equipment and vehicles
  • $3K – $6K – computer, phone, and technology systems
  • $2K – $10K – insurance
  • $2K – $10K – business licenses and permits
  • $20K – opening advertising and marketing
  • $14K – ongoing advertising and marketing
  • $50K – additional funds for three months
  • $164K – $261K total estimated investment costs

The total cost for your Bumble Roofing franchise can vary depending on several key factors. We offer several opportunities to reduce costs, like multi-unit and Veteran discounts, which can help you save on your initial franchise fee. When you reach out to us to learn more, we can help you better understand where you’ll land within this range.

We often get asked by prospective franchisees if the business is profitable. Our average unit volume (AUV) of all our franchised units in operation in 2022 was $4.1M. After subtracting the total disclosed expenses, the cost of materials, and the cost of labor, owners can take home nearly $403K in revenue.

What Do You Get When You Invest in a Roofing Business for Sale?

Investing in a roofing business for sale with Bumble Roofing isn’t just an investment in your future; we’re invested in your success. For that reason, we’ve developed our opportunity to grant you a myriad of industry-leading benefits you can use to your advantage. With our franchise model, we’ve made it easy for you to learn how to start your own roofing company while providing dedicated ongoing support whenever you need it.

As a franchise owner with Bumble Roofing, you’ll revel in the freedom and flexibility ownership allows you and gain the confidence that comes with knowing you have virtually everything you need to run your business successfully and see a return on your investment. 

Your turnkey roofing business investment includes the following from Bumble Roofing:

  • A proven business model
  • In-depth training program
  • Dedicated ongoing support in all areas of the business
  • Marketing materials and lead generation
  • Proprietary software, tools, and resources
  • Advanced technology
  • An innovative sales process
  • Multiple recurring revenue streams
  • Strong purchasing power

Financing Options

If you’re wondering about financing your Bumble Roofing franchise, fear not – while we don’t offer direct financing, there are several different options available to fund your franchise investment, including:

  • Commercial bank loans
  • Small Business Association (SBA) loans
  • Alternative lenders
  • Personal assets
  • Rollovers as business startup (ROBS)
  • Crowdfunding
  • Borrowing from friends and family

We encourage you to perform due diligence when reviewing the above opportunities to determine which fits your unique situation. Should you need assistance, our franchise success team is ready to help you review your financing options through our partners and choose the funding best suited for your business. 

Why Choose Bumble Roofing?

Bumble Roofing’s unique franchise opportunity is your chance to take control of your career and thrive in a growing, recession-resistant industry. We’re proud to be a part of the Empower Brands™ family, which enables us to offer franchisees a comprehensive path to business ownership through in-depth training, ongoing support, and industry-leading tools and resources – all in one low-cost, turnkey investment package.

If you’re…

  • a current roofing business owner looking to convert?
  • a military Veteran who’s ready to become first in command?
  • a corporate renegade leaving the 9-to-5 grind?
  • ready to become your own boss?

…and are interested in starting your own roofing business, Bumble Roofing might be the perfect fit for you. We welcome franchisees from all backgrounds to apply, as roofing or construction industry experience isn’t required. We’ll teach you everything you need to know as you begin your journey into business ownership with Bumble Roofing’s low-cost investment, designed to help you see returns.

Curious about the buzzworthy investment needed to kickstart your roofing journey with Bumble Roofing? Reach out today to learn more about the pollen-tial costs to start your own business.

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