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Comparing Roofing Franchising Versus An Independent Business

Starting an independent business can be a lucrative business venture if you have the resources and experience. But if you don’t and you’re tired of working for someone else’s gain, want more flexibility, or are finished with the daily corporate grind, why not consider a roofing franchising opportunity? 

Franchising has seen consistent growth over the past few years. The industry increased by 4.2% to reach a total economic output of $860.1B in 2023 and remains one of the most successful business models in the US. 

The franchise model offers great potential for entrepreneurs by having a higher success rate than traditional business ventures. In fact, a study conducted by FranNet determined that 91.2% of franchises were still in business after two years, and 85% of the franchises remained open after five years.

Independent businesses, on the other hand, have a higher failure rate. BLS data shows that 20% of new businesses fail within the first two years, 45% within the first five years, and 65% within the first ten years. 

When you invest in a franchise, you gain access to a predetermined and proven business model and are backed by a franchisor. Independent business owners are responsible for making adjustments and decisions as they go, relying on their experience alone. 

Both starting an independent business and franchising offer unique benefits. There are many factors to consider when weighing your options, and it’s important to thoroughly research all aspects as part of the due diligence process. However, at the end of the day, you’re the only person who can decide which option is best for you. 

Deciding Between a Franchise Opportunity and an Independent Business

As you explore the possibility of franchising or striking out on your own, you’ll want to review the advantages and disadvantages that come with each option.

When you start an independent business, you’re responsible for everything. You’ll have to factor in the time, effort, and expenses that result from legal considerations, business planning, financing, equipment procurement, finding suppliers, hiring employees, marketing efforts, customer service, safety protocols, scaling, and growth – and the list goes on and on. 

Instead, when you invest in a franchise, everything is already in place for you, so you can hit the ground running. You’ll have a well-conceived path to building and operating your business, with a proven business model, expenses accounted for, valuable resources already available, a network of fellow franchisees, and more - all with a franchisor who’s invested in your success.

As you consider both options, you’ll want to do thorough research to ensure you’re making the right decision for you and your business goals. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you decide:

  • How do you handle risk? Striking out on your own requires some comfort with risk. You’ll want to have a clear understanding of the amount of risk you’ll be taking on to determine if it is something you can handle. 
  • Are you detail-oriented or a “big-picture” person? Franchises feature an already-established system where all the details have been figured out already. If you prefer more creative control, franchising might not be the right fit for you.
  • Can you take directions from other people or organizations? While owning a franchise makes you your own boss, you’ll still have to run your business in compliance with predetermined stipulations.

Why You Should Consider a Roofing Business Franchise

Starting a business is made easy by investing in a Bumble Roofing franchise. Seize the chance to be your own boss, pursue your interests, and establish a thriving business. Through our franchise opportunity, you’ll dive into the booming roofing industry with the support and backing of a seasoned franchisor. 

Here are six reasons why you should consider franchising instead of going it alone:

1. You’ll benefit from immediate brand recognition.

Clients are more likely to choose a brand they recognize as opposed to an independent business. You’ll benefit from our brand awareness and marketing resources to give you a competitive edge.

2. You’ll keep costs down.

Our franchise opportunity features low start-up costs and overhead, and we’ve mapped out everything you’ll need to build your business so you can avoid unexpected expenses. We’ve built strong purchasing power and an innovative sales process, turning into cost savings for both our franchisees and our clients. 

3. You’ll have a clear path to follow.

We’ve developed our business model, training, and support to give franchisees a comprehensive approach to owning and operating a roofing business so you can avoid many of the pitfalls new business owners can face.

4. You’ll earn several sources of recurring income.

You’ll provide clients with a wide range of services, turning them into multiple recurring revenue streams. These services can include maintenance services, additional repairs, gutter and solar installation services, and insurance or storm remediation services.

5. You’ll gain advantageous resources.

With our decades of experience and ongoing support, you can rest assured that you’ll have the knowledge you need in all areas of the business. We’ll teach you how to use our exclusive tools and equipment and provide operations manuals, proprietary software, and other resources so you can create quotes for clients in no time at all.

6. You’ll break into a high-growth, recession-resistant industry.

As one of the largest sectors in the construction industry, the roofing sector is forecast to see growth for years to come. Given the popularity of home improvement projects, the housing market, and new construction, this industry offers significant stability and development potential.

7. You’re never by yourself.

Our committed franchisee support team is available to offer help whenever you need it. Additionally, you can count on a regional supervisor and a network of fellow franchisees for additional support and connections.

As the need for roofing services continues to grow, now is an opportune time to explore the potential of investing in a Bumble Roofing franchise. We provide thorough training, ongoing support, industry knowledge, a tested business model, and additional benefits to help you establish a flourishing business in your community. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the industry, our affordable investment opportunity is a more stable option than starting an independent business.

Ready to see how you can create a buzz in your community with Bumble Roofing? Reach out today to learn more about our professional roofing franchise opportunity.

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