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How We’ve Crafted a Leading Roof Franchise Opportunity

Count On Bumble Roofing’s 60+ Years of Combined Experience to Build a Thriving Business

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About Bumble Roofing Franchise

Bumble Roofing was founded in 2019 on the premise of bringing transparency to the roofing industry with respect to pricing, installation, and process. Now, we’re helping aspiring business owners to bring our unique roofing approach to their communities. Our founders utilize their expertise as former owners and supervisors of other construction companies to develop a strong roof franchise opportunity. With 60-plus combined years of experience and over 2,700 roof installations and repairs under our belts, you can count on our knowledge to deliver a quality product with superior service to homes and businesses in your area.

We’ve done all the legwork for you and created a business model designed to keep costs low and provide customers with an easy purchasing and installation process while offering quality roofing options installed by licensed professionals. We’re there for our franchisees every step of the way, from comprehensive training, licensing, permitting, inspections, and more, with strong ongoing support so you can be in business for yourself, but never by yourself.

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Roof installations and repairs under our belts
Combined years of experience
It’s a great time to bee-come a franchise partner with Bumble Roofing and see how far our roof franchise opportunity can take you!

We Bee-lieve in change:

The Three Main Values Our Roofing Franchise Abides By

At Bumble Roofing, our mission is simple: we provide affordable and quality roofing installation and repairs. Our founders saw what needed to be changed in the roofing industry, and we’re ready to help other business owners do the same.

Bumble proudly stands out by embracing our three main values at all levels. These values serve as the driving force behind our unique value proposition and fuel our franchisees’ success:
Delivering Quality  Roofing

Our franchise opportunity enables franchisees to deliver quality, licensed work to the homes and businesses in their communities. Our dedicated team offers unparalleled support to ensure you have all the necessary tools and resources.

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Offering Affordable Pricing

As part of our commitment to offering affordable prices, we’ve also made things easier for our franchise owners by cutting out the salesperson and utilizing our purchasing power to help further lower costs for materials and labor.

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a Simple Process

 With no haggling or pressure from salespeople, we make the purchasing process easier for our customers and our franchisees. We’ll teach you how to use our satellite imagery technology and other equipment to arrive at a quick and free site assessment and quote in 72 hours or less.

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Make a Bee-Line to Our Franchise Opportunity!

Saving Our Bees One Roof at a Time

Bumble Roofing is more than just a roofing company; we bee-lieve business can be a vessel for giving back.

We’re driven by the knowledge that pollinators are crucial to our environment, and with insect pollinators experiencing heightened decline, we’re committed to helping maintain the survival of bees and other insects.

Research shows that 40% of all insect species are declining worldwide, with a third on the edge of endangered status. Native bees are our planet’s most effective pollinators and are pivotal in the production of many of the crops that fuel our food supply. Among the factors threatening insect populations are habitat loss, pesticides, and climate change, and without conservation efforts, the entire ecosystem will continue down a path to catastrophic collapse.
With our most important insect friends in mind, Bumble is committed to donating to one of our non-profit invertebrate conservation partners with every new roof we install.
Bumble Roofing is licensed in California CSLB LICENSE C-39 & B LICENSE 1063764
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